Strong design is our priority. We strive to satisfy all functional and aesthetic needs of the client. Breaking out on his own, Warren Freyer founded Freyer Collaborative Architects (FCA) in 1991. Using a collaborative design approach we establish a close working relationship between client, contractor, artisan and architect, bringing into the project not only the architect’s vision, but the desires of the client as well. Through years of refinement and variety, we have become truly well versed in making our mark on the local environment while still speaking the local vernacular. FCA has achieved the rare success of fostering a positive relationship with the public, while retaining the respect of their peers. The firm’s work has appeared in numerous publications and periodicals in addition to having received awards of excellence from the New York City Art Commission in conjunction with the American Institute of Architects. We maintain a strong commitment to sustainable design and green building practices.

The staff consists of seven architectural and interior designers with 2 support staff and 3 licensed architects. The project team is led by Warren Freyer AIA, LEED AP. Our current work reflects a diverse client base, which we believe to be very important in keeping ideas fresh. Over the last 2 decades, FCA has shared, collaborated and evolved . It is our employees who have brought a deep exchange of ideas and concepts that have always been true to our design ethos. When a client comes to FCA they are not looking for a signature building, office or home, but rather an exchange of ideas and designs that will represent who that person is or what their company stands for. Our designs are all as unique as our clients.



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